Speaking in Brazil

As many reading this might know, I’ve moved from London back to São Paulo about a month ago. The timing worked out wonderfully: right before a bunch of really interesting conferences happening over here. Among them, I’m speaking at:

Encontro Ágil, 10-11 October: a quick talk about the spirit of continuous integration and how important it is to stick to it even though it’s easy to get sidetracked choosing between the tools available. I’ll explain some of the pitfalls, patterns and anti-patterns, and hope to please the Demo Gods by showing what a good continuous build, test, integration and deployment cycle looks like in practice.

Rails Summit 13-14 October: another quick talk about the use of Ruby at ThoughtWorks and some of the lessons learned in the 40+ projects we’ve done so far. I’ll try not to make it a total rip-off of Martin’s Ruby at ThoughtWorks work for QCon earlier this year, but I’m making no promises. :)

More to come, I’m sure. It’s good to be home!

A side note: would you, kind reader, get annoyed if I start mixing Brazilian Portuguese and English in future posts? Should I set up a separate blog, category or whatever so the non-lusophones can skip the stuff written in what would make Camões spin in his grave? Any suggestions as to how to do that effectively in Wordpress?