60 Years of the UDHR

It’s been nearly 60 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been ratified, and Seth Brau has created a amazing typographical interpretation of its text:

While you’re watching it, please take a moment to reflect about the ways in which your human rights have been challenged over the powers-that-be over your lifetime, and think of ways in which you can stop these challenges and abuses from happening.

On the geeky side, it’s also interesting to note that the UDHR is the most translated text in the world. I’d expect no less, and it’s interesting to note how technically challenging that is – apart from getting translators the world over to get the wording just right so it doesn’t become ripe for abuse and misinterpretation, it is also one of the benchmarks for proper character set handling in any particular computer system – and if you think whatever you’re building is up to scratch, you must give the translations a go. Chances are you’ll end up with mojibake all over the place at some point.