Binary Guitar

The Binary Guitar is a little experiment (took about a day or two to put together) I played with a couple of months ago, and I thought it was fun enough to share.

Installation is seriously clunky – I have never tried it on anything but MacOS X Leopard running on a MacBook Pro so far, and even then there are lots of moving parts, but if you go through the pain of setting it all up, you should have some pretty decent sounds coming out of a USB Guitar Hero Controller (mine’s the X-Plorer, which comes with Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360).You’ll need:


  1. Install everything
  2. Open PD to MIDI.mipi in MidiPipe
  3. Open Binary Guitar.pd in PureData
  4. Go to Pure Data / Preferences / MIDI settings… and point the MIDI inputs and outputs to MidiPipe
  5. Open Binary Guitar.qtz in Quartz Composer
  6. Connect the X-Plorer Guitar. If everything’s working correctly, the Quartz Composer viewer should be black (rather
    than a checkered pattern)
  7. Open GarageBand, select your favourite virual instrument.
  8. Rock on!

Grab it in my github repository.