A First

I’m just writing this quick post to celebrate the fact that, today, for the first time in my life, after sitting at or being near computers for pretty much as long as I can remember being conscious, I have managed to successfully install a printer and use it to print a document without a defect, misaligned margin, glitch, blur, fault, smudge, error, discoloration, warning, beep, loose cable or irritating pop-up.

You wouldn’t believe that, but the feeling is quite underwhelming. It’s like waking up to the fact that you’re just yet another mediocre carbon-based organism spreading filth in a universe that doesn’t need any more of it. It doesn’t make you feel any special, but anyway, thanks Apple Bonjour: at least I’m now a filthy carbon-based organism capable of printing documents without having a nervous breakdown - just like everyone else.