Don't Take Tests Seriously

At my current project, we have a good definition of what the real data in the system will look like, since the first few releases are basically migration with the addition of some new features. But, a couple of weeks ago, something started happening to the test code: instead of creating a place like ‘France’ and a non-place word that goes with it, like ‘skiing’ - which is something you’d be likely to see in the production database, people were choosing their test data based on wacky and unrelated concepts. Places like ‘plate’ and non-places like ‘cheese’ were popping up left ,right and centre. Converting an object from ‘cheese’ to ‘pizza’ seemed quite odd when said out loud, but made sense in the code, just as converting a legacy object to the new domain model, after some validation and filtering did. But it’s a much shorter and visual sentence. What happens when you do such a thing? Your test code looks like something you’d never put in production. No production code would have variables like ‘cheese’, ‘bacon’ or ‘sausages’. But test code can afford that, as long as it expresses the behaviour you’re trying to test clearly, and weird variable names or test data don’t detract from that. Plus, the hilarity that ensues when you get your customer talking about the stories in half-breakfast, half-business terms is enough to bring the team morale up a bit. Any experiences on that? I’d like to hear’em!