SecurID Poker

At ThoughtWorks and many other workplaces all over the world, employees are given SecurID tokens, a tiny and nearly indestructible device with an LCD screen that shows a different sequence of six random numbers every minute. So, what do you do with a sequence of random numbers, apart from logging into your corporate intranet and email using secure two-factor authentication? You play Poker, of course! The rules are pretty much the same as a Draw Poker game, only without any card changes or betting round. Ordering is also different, 0 being the lowest and 9 the highest values. There are no suits, but the time left to the next sequence change, displayed in bars at the left-hand side of the token, can be used to settle ties. A new round is usually more convenient, though. As two fobs don’t change sequences at the same time, it makes sense to shout out your hand as soon as you look at it, or see if you can get away stalling everyone until your next hand shows up, if you have nothing. Of course, there’s room for the High-Low Split variation, but that could get a bit messy and has been discouraged. I was introduced to this brilliant little game last night, and it has instantly gained my preference over Rock, Paper and Scissors to settle small arguments such as who’s going to get the next round, fix the build, pay the restaurant bill or drive the rental car.