A New Trend in Data Visualization?

We’ve started using PMD a few days ago at our current project to analyze a whole lot of legacy code. I was browsing around the website looking for documentation on rules written in XPath (as we have a few project-specific metrics, we’ll have to write some new simple rules) and ended up clicking on to the PMD Scoreboard, only to find out that they were, apart from generating the usual metrics, linking to a DOOM map file.

The map file contains a number of those nasty explosive barrels that varies according to the number of warnings generated by PMD. Pretty much like psDooM, where Unix processes are represented as monsters, but more programmable via - guess what - a Ruby API, Ruby-DOOM. How cool is that?

Can someone with loads of free time please make DamageControl or CruiseControl do this, too? With a bit of shell-scripting glue, you could have a Continuous Integration arcade machine with a new game starting after every build. This would probably encourage developers to keep the build times short, so they can play another round :)