Good Guys, Bad Guys and Their Laptops

Ever noticed how the bad guys on pretty much any recent movie use Dells, while the good guys use Apples? If you haven’t yet, watch The Interpreter or 24, and notice how paying attention to that small merchandising fact easily gives the plot away.

I got an iBook G4 14” a couple of weeks ago, as a replacement for my old personal laptop (a hefty 16.5” Sony VAIO), and so far I wouldn’t say I’ve switched, hung a portrait of Steve Jobs in my bedroom wall or started praying to the gods of Cupertino - after all, I still have a Dell that I use for work as my main development machine. It’s not like I’m now a good guy just because the parcel showed up at my door the other day. Hollywood producers might suggest I’m a spy, however.

Anyway, I’m finding my new Mac adorable: everything I plug in it just works, the battery lasts for some almost revolting 5 hours, the highly scratchable white plastic looks cute, my back is thanking me for carrying so much less weight, and every application I care about also runs on it, or has some good alternative, with all the special swooshing, bouncing, scaling, fading and translucency effects that MacOS X has. It’s understandable that all that eye-candy is just not something violent terrorists, assassins and hitmen care about. They want loads of free memory and raw processing power to run their nuclear explosion simulation, biological agent spread mapping and CIA network cracking gear, so PCs are quite a nice way to go, given the sometimes limited budget. I just want something that works.