Delicious Podcasting

It’s probably not surprising to those who know me, but I’ve been caught up in the podcasting craze lately. I get caught up in every craze, no matter how foolish, that comes around in the internets, anyway, and that includes pluralizing its name. Ah, well, what can I do, I get distracted easily by shiny things waved in my general direction.

So, when I was trying to find new stuff to listen to in my daily little-over-an-hour commute, I was having a look around and stumbled upon Joshua Snatcher’s Casting the net wider. So those of you already using, here’s the good news: you have a podcast. Just put a bunch of audio files online, bookmark them with the tag system:media:audio (try looking at all posts - there’s quite a bunch of stuff there already), and you’re done. Here’s my feed, just in case.

I’m not planning on recording anything for now, although I’m interested in the possibility of getting an iTalk and just randomly grabbing someone at the office for a quick interview at geeknights or other even via Skype. Volunteers? Drop me a note!