Do More Rails!

I’ve been working on a Ruby On Rails app for a while now (see previous post, and also Obie’s take on it), and seriously, more often than not it’s hard to stop coding; more than once I’ve looked at the taskbar and gasped in disbelief - over the past month, I’ve coded way past 2 AM after having worked the whole day, and even though I needed to wake up early the next morning, I was not tired at all. So, to put it in another words, careful - this thing is addictive.

And it’s gaining an astounding lot of momentum too, as Wilkes Joiner points out. It’s definitely a good time to have a look at it, now that the 0.11.0 version has been released. It’s still early days, and the sheer amount of functionality that’s in Rails already is somewhat disturbing. By the time this thing hits 1.0, taking over the world or entirely destroying it with it will be a matter of calling a couple of methods and putting some nice CSS on top of it.