BoingBoing Haiku Mash-up

Chad Fowler came up with a very interesting find: the Lingua::EN::Sentence and Lingua::EN::Syllabe libs, which he used to write a random haiku generator with his own posts as input.

As I don’t have that many posts here yet, running his script over my babblings didn’t turn out to be too interesting, I needed some good quantity of weird stuff. So, of course, I ran it over the all the BoingBoing posts I had archived (since somewhere around early December).

Here are some of the best:

Throw potshots at it.
(click image for enlargement.)
We’re all gonna die!

Free registration.
Devastation & much more!
Find it on eBay!

No records of death.
And you have to be humbled.

Shown here, “crochet crotch.”
The detail is impressive.”
Link to example.

So he called the cops.
They want dolls and baseball bats!
And those come from you!

“They were DELICIOUS.”
I demand a recipe.
I was skeptical.

Ah, the good joys of automated text processing and its usually bizarre outcome!

Here’s the full output, before randomizing it into haiku-like 5-7-5 triplets. A small update: if you don’t feel like fiddling with Ruby in order to generate your own haikus, here’s a nifty (Python based, oh the irony) haiku generator using Cory Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe as a source. Everytime you reload, you get 42 fresh ones. Check it out!